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22 May

Sowing of spring cereals and pulses in Ukraine is drawing to an end. Because of spring weather peculiarities, the final pattern of spring sowings will differ substantially from the initial plan.

As UkrAgroConsult wrote in its article “Ukraine’s barley crop to fall to a five-year low,” there is no doubt left that the sown area of spring barley will be smaller than projected. The barley sowing operations have actually stopped with 94% of the intended acreage sown by May 18. As UkrAgroConsult predicted, some 5-6% of areas intended for spring barley will not be seeded.

In addition, it is very likely that sowing of spring wheat will also fall short of the plan. The progress in seeding groat crops such as oats, buckwheat, and millet is also too slow and their sown areas may end up smaller than projected. The pea sowing plan is 98% complete: farmers have sown even more than last year.


However, the greatest interest and some questions are generated by sowing of corn and, naturally, oil crops. Despite a delay in the beginning, corn sowing in Ukraine quickly outpaced the progress of last years and became the fastest in four years


As of May 18, corn sowing in the country was 94% complete, running 3.3% ahead of last year’s progress. So, despite the late start of sowing because of this year’s too long winter, Ukrainian farmers are able to fulfill the corn sowing plan.

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